joel bryan juliano
software developer
professional profile
Extensive software development experience with a strong passion for creating software inno-
vations and solutions using best-standards, good design patterns, agile methodology, iterative
development and test-driven development that promote culture, satisfaction, rapport and en-
gagement towards clients, stakeholders and end-users.
brainbench.com http://bit.ly/aPctK1
•Certified Master-Level Ruby 1.9 (1st place Philippines)
•Certified Bash Shell Scripting (2nd place Philippines Top 1% Worldwide)
•Certified AJAX (1st place Philippines Top 8% Worldwide)
•Certified C (1st place Philippines)
•Certified C Fundamentals (4th place Philippines)
•Certified C++ (2nd place Philippines)
•Certified C++ Fundamentals (2nd place Philippines)
•Certified CSS2 (2nd place Philippines Top 11% Worldwide)
•Certified HTML5 (3rd place Philippines Top 10% Worldwide)
•Certified Javascript (1st place Philippines)
•Certified Linux Administration (General) (2nd place Philippines Top 11% Worldwide)
•Certified Linux Programming (General) (1st place Philippines)
•Certified OO Concepts
•Certified Programmer/Analyst Aptitude
•Certified Software Business Analysis (2nd place Philippines)
•Certified Web Development Concepts (2nd place Philippines Top 5% Worldwide)
•Certified Systems Analysis (1st place Philippines)
•Certified Web Design Concepts (Top 6% Worldwide)
•Certified Web Services Application Engineering (1st place Philippines)
•Certified Python 2.4 (1st place Philippines)
•Certified Internet Security (2nd place Philippines)
•Certified Cisco Network Support (6th place Philippines) valid 2010-2013
•Certified Cisco Network Concept (5th place Philippines) valid 2010-2013
•Certified Cisco Security (1st place Philippines) valid 2010-2013
•Certified Master-Level Unix Administration (1st place Philippines Top 10% Worldwide)
valid 2010-2013
expertrating via odesk
•Certified Cisco Administrator http://bit.ly/9sn9TX
•Certified Unix Administrator http://bit.ly/9Xbn3D
•Certified Unix Shell Script Expert (Top 20%) http://bit.ly/d1CbQp
•Certified Redhat Linux General Administrator (Top 10%) http://bit.ly/bOsntQ
•Certified Redhat Linux Administrator http://bit.ly/culQaG
•Certified Ruby on Rails Developer http://bit.ly/9rPgxq
•Certified Ruby on Rails Programmer http://bit.ly/dt2SjF
•Certified RDF Expert (Top 20%) http://bit.ly/8ZqxUD
•Certified Facebook API Programmer http://bit.ly/bkoeL5
•Certified JSON Web Developer http://bit.ly/97XaZP
•Certified AJAX Developer http://bit.ly/bSCZtr
330 Unity Street
Annex 29, Better Living
Parañaque, Manila
Philippines, 1711
bilingual tagalog/english
JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Python, C, C++, Bash
resume source code
This resume is available
at github.com/jjuliano/resume
written in L
•Certified Networking Concepts Administrator http://bit.ly/bPc0U8
•Certified TCP/IP Consultant http://bit.ly/9Hsah9
•Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert http://bit.ly/cV946O
•Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional (Top 90%) http://bit.ly/cxXC0p
•Highly motivated and creative, proven ability to design and implement innovative software
•Have a keen intuitive sense of software design goals with high regards to usability, consis-
tency, and quality.
•Ability to grasp fresh ideas and pinpoint specific design areas for improvement.
•Excellent ability to provide high quality support that require further assistance.
•Strong emphasis on creating simple, useful and effective software.
•Ability to prototype an application from an idea with minimal time, ranging from 3 days to 2
•Extensive understanding of Windows, Linux & Mac OS X System Internals.
•Strong passion and enthusiasm on learning new things and executing ideas.
talks and conferences
09-19-2009 Conference Speaker Software Freedom Day 2009
Conference Speaker at the ’Software Freedom Day 2009’ event, on September
19, 2009, held at Systems Plus College Foundation Main Campus in Angeles
City, Pampanga, Philippines in cooperation with IBM Philippines, Intel Philip-
pines and PLDT with over 400+ participants.
01-19-2010 Conference Speaker 1st North Luzon FOSS Conference
Conference Speaker at the ’1st North Luzon FOSS Conference’ event, on Jan-
uary 18 & 19, 2010, held at University of Baguio, Philippines in cooperation with
the ASEAN+3 Node of International Open Source Network (IOSN), the ASEAN
Foundation, the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE),
the Philippine Open Source Network (POSNET) and Baguio Association of Pri-
vate and Technical Institutions (BAPTI) with over 300+ participants.
02-01-2010 RP tech advocates gain ground in fight to free the Internet Philippine Daily Inquirer
RP tech advocates gain ground in fight to free the Internet (Philippine
Daily Inquirer) http://business.inquirer.net/money/topstories/view/20100201-
250590/RP-tech-advocates-gain-ground-in-fight-to-free-the-Internet featured
Kahel OS which was published by PDI as a Sunday newspaper.
02-12-2009 Open source desktop adoption flickers in the Philippines ZDNet Asia
Open source desktop adoption flickers in the Philippines (ZD-
Net Asia) http://www.zdnetasia.com/insight/specialreports/open-
source/0,3800018440,62050859,00.htm an ezine that mentions AMA
Desktop Linux and was published by CBS.
DSL Language s3cmd-dsl jjuliano.github.io/s3cmd-dsl
A complete Domain Specific Language interface to Amazon S3.
iOS Mobile API motion-sprites jjuliano.github.com/motion-sprites
Easily load sprite sheet images for RubyMotion
API ruby-webp rubygems.org/gems/ruby-webp
A gem providing a ruby interface to Google WebP Codec
API rhaproxy jjuliano.github.com/rhaproxy
A ruby interface for HAproxy TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
API rha rubygems.org/gems/rha
A ruby interface for Heartbeat High Availability Cluster
API raptget rubygems.org/gems/raptget
A ruby interface for apt-get package manager
API raptcache rubygems.org/gems/raptcache
A ruby interface for apt-cache APT package cache manipulator
API ruby-googleloader rubygems.org/gems/ruby-googleloader
A gem providing a ruby interface to Google CDN Loader
API maatkit-ruby rubygems.org/gems/maatkit-ruby
A gem providing a ruby interface to Maatkit open-source database utilities
API ruby-s3cmd jjuliano.github.com/ruby-s3cmd
A gem providing a ruby interface to s3cmd Amazon S3 client
Resource kjv-bible-in-html5 github.com/jjuliano/kjv-bible-in-html5
King James Version of the Bible in HTML5
VoIP Tool charozt code.google.com/p/charozt
Asterisk Music-On-Hold Tool for Gnome
IRC Tool sensible-irc-handler bit.ly/bBPPc
The first ever irc:// handler for GAIM
Support Tool ubuntu-live-chat-support bit.ly/9nmEL
Get Ubuntu chat support based on the locale and language (with FreeNode
File Tool ubuntu-common-install-hook bit.ly/qdZfs
A prototype interface for handing unknown files in Gnome
Eye-candy Toolgnome-bling-manager bit.ly/NWluF
The first ever tool to configure Compiz and xcomposite desktop effects for
Layout Tool filesystem-settings bit.ly/FileSysPref
Part of AMA Desktop Linux, configures filesystem layout with Nautilus
XML Tool desktop-optimization bit.ly/DesktopOptimization
Reformat XML documents to remove all whitespace and concatenate it into a
single line for faster application response
XML Tool mac-osx-desktop-optimization bit.ly/umTLq
Similar to above, but written for Mac OSX
Proxy Tool internet-accelerator bit.ly/6v1GX
Part of AMA Desktop Linux, configures a local squid proxy to speed up the
File-Transfer Tool multicast-filesharing bit.ly/MulticastFilesharing
Part of early versions of AMA Desktop Linux, transfer files throughout LAN via
prototype/study ubuntu-welcome-center xrl.us/oqg5t
A prototype welcome center for Ubuntu
Backup Tool/studyubuntu-home-backup bit.ly/6gOdu
A study of backup solution aiming for simplicity, includes a prototype Backup
Support Tool ubuntu-commercial-support bit.ly/IILPq
A Gnome interface to get paid commercial support from Canonical
Template Tool document-template-generator bit.ly/SoWP8
Generate translated Gnome Templates files for Gimp, OpenOffice, gEdit, etc. It
checks existing application installed
Linux Distro ama-desktop-2007 sourceforge.net/projects/amadesktop/
A Linux distribution for AMA Computer College
Linux Distro kahel-os www.kahelos.org
The first Filipino rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux and with
Gnome or XFCE pre-installed. (Only July 2009 May 2010 versions)
Linux Distro 8ix-zenith-voip-server sourceforge.net/projects/zenith8ix/
A rolling-release distribution for VoIP networks, based on Arch Linux and
bleeding-edge Asterisk
Project Management
•Git SCM extensive GIT overall experience
•Github, CodebaseHQ, JIRA, Basecamp preferred PM and issue tracking tools
•Agile Methodology, SCRUM, Iterative Development preferred project methods
•Conduct standup meetings, Retrospection meetings daily project operations
•TDD / BDD using Rspec, Test-Unit and Cucumber ensure highest software quality
•Best practices, design patterns change code whenever an opportunity arises
•Window Pattern using Kookaburra, DCI (data, context, interaction) + MVC (model, view, con-
troller) preferred software architectures
•Clean, simple and readable code simplicity, optimized for collaboration and readability.
•Plain Old Ruby Objects (PORO), Plain Old Objects (POO) using effective and simple object
attributes for model construction.
Programming Languages
•Ruby favorite scripting language, long years of professional and personal exposure
•Bash extensive shell scripting experience, long years of professional and personal expo-
•C, C++ experienced with C/C++, academic and professional exposure
•Python good Python experience, professional exposure
•SQL good SQL experience, academic and professional exposure
•JavaScript good JS experience, academic, professional and personal exposure.
Web Application
•Blueprint CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, H5BP, HTML5, CSS3, HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript used
professionally and personally
•Ruby on Rails longest years of framework experience, used professionally and personally
•Sinatra, Monk RB, Cherrypy, GAE, Django, Turbogears, Twisted used professionally
•Thin, Unicorn, Apache, Mongrel, Nginx, Phusion Passenger used professionally and per-
•SQL, SQLite, ActiveRecord, Arel, CouchDB, MonggoDB, Cassandra used professionally
•Rspec, Cucumber, Capybara, Headless Webkit extensive TDD and BDD experience, used
professionally and personally
•Server push and pull, BOSH, Comet, XMPP, RabbitMQ web apps messaging and data
delivery, used professionally
•Adhearsion preferred VoIP framework
•Asterisk extensive experience, used professionally
•Telegraph, Python-Asterisk used professionally
•AWS, S3 long years of Amazon cloud computing experience, used professionally and per-
•Opscode Chef preferred cloud automation, used professionally
•Haproxy, Heatbeat, Scout extensive use for monitoring and scalability solution
•GTK+, Ruby-GTK, PyGTK- extensive GTK+ experience, used professionally and personally
•wxWindows used professionally for crossplatform GUI applications
•Cairo, ImageMagick API, SVG Canvas used professionally for image manipulation
•Linux long years of Linux experience, extensive usage and exposure, used academically,
personally and professionally, preferred primary OS for servers and software development for
web applications and general.
•Mac OS X preferred primary OS for desktops and software development for web applica-
tions using TextMate editor.
RDP professional and personal exposure to all networking protocols
•TCPDump extensive use for troubleshooting networks, used personally and professionally
•RubyMotion For building native iOS applications, personal and professional experience
•Ruboto, Rhomobile, C++ For building Android and iOS apps, professional experience
•Unity Scripting For game development, professional experience
07 2013
present ThreatTrack Security Philippines Inc. Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer
•Implemented virus engine features to allow dropping of Android files for mal-
ware detection
•Implemented a Ruby DSL and CLI tool for auto-discovering all connected hosts
in the blacklist networks
04 2012
02 2013 FunGuy Studio Philippines for 2XL Studios C++ and Objective-C Software Developer, Team
Lead for iOS Development
•Implemented game features using the 2XL C++ proprietary game engine
•Responsible for the iOS Game port using XCode and C++
•Responsible for the C++ game networking and server code
•Responsible for creating native iOS games and applications using RubyMotion
•Supervised programmers and code
•Lead programmers of their daily tasks
•Implemented effective use of models in the iOS mobile app using CoreData
and PORO (Plain Old Ruby Objects)
•Implemented Social Features via Twitter and Facebook in the iOS mobile apps
•Implemented Cloud and persistent local storage in the iOS mobile apps
•Conducted standup meetings, retrospection and agenda planning
05 2011
04 2012 ModelWorks Philippines for Getaroom.com Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer/Team Lead
•Lived and stayed in the US to closely work with Senior Getaroom.com Ruby
on Rails Developers, and be an apprentice to undergo an extensive Ruby on
Rails training in Dallas, Texas.
•Responsible for the creation of tickets for the Rails 3 upgrade process.
•Fully upgraded Rails 2.3 app to Rails 3.1
•Supervised programmers and code
•Streamlined the GIT source-control-management workflow for each program-
mers using a successful GIT branching model.
•Worked with technologies such as Resque, Redis, NoSQL, Rack, Cucumber
and Rspec.
•Supervised and guided the upgrade process of the Getaroom.com front-end.
•Removed deprecations, improved the organization and configuration of the
Rails 3 app.
•Provided documentations for each tasks via JIRA project issue tracker and
manager, GIT commit message and reporting.
•Responsible for conducting stand-up meetings for the Manila team.
•Involved with training in Manila regarding Rails 3, as a refresher course for each
•Contributed code to Rails core, Arel relational engine, Vanity AB testing frame-
work, Geokit Rails 3, Capybara-Webkit, bundle-fu and attachment-fu.
•Responsible for a feature to utilize multiple geolocation services, usage of all
Yahoo Geoplanet data for Hotel locations for better location data.
•Responsible for an SEO feature to translate permalinks url into a hotel market
location data.
09 2010
05 2011 Clinic-IT Manila Ruby on Rails Developer/Project Manager/System Administrator
•Responsible for delivering numerous new features on a production systems
•Supervised programmers and code
•Write tests and codes for each new features.
•Created an Agile coding-guidelines for new programmers.
•Introduced an agile git workflow to follow
•Created a Real-Estate Website written purely on HTML5
•Created scripts for backups, deployment, and virtual machine management
•Implemented clustering for ruby applications on a single public IP using Rack,
Haproxy, Nginx, Passenger and Heartbeat.
04 2010
09 2010 RemoteStaff Philippines for iProperty.com.au Ruby on Rails Developer
•Responsible for delivering numerous new features on a production system.
•Coordinated and worked with clients, software developers, quality-assurance,
and interface designers for the delivery and implementation of new features un-
der strict deadlines.
•Supervised and roll-out new features which greatly enhance the usability and
functionality of the http://idashboard.com.au Real Estate management system.
•Implemented several API functionalities for major Real Estate providers in Aus-
•Utilized and roll-out modern web 2.0 architecture technologies like AJAX and
advanced Ruby on Rails features like RJS and polymorphic models.
•Greatly improved the maintainability and readability of the code by keeping ev-
erything simple and uncluttered, re-factored, and remove duplications
•Document each new delivered features by providing good TDD/BDD coverage
01 2009
04 2010 8Layer Technologies Sr. Head Developer
•Created VoIP solutions and Linux distributions.
•Coordinate and managed a team of quality-assurance and graphics designers
for the delivery of software products.
•Developed the Coca VoIP software (Ruby on Rails + Asterisk), a VoIP Confer-
encing, Surveying and Web Information to Phone Server, which is offered as a
product by PLDT.
•Developed the 8ix Zenith Community Edition VoIP Server, a free version of the
8ix Zenith Product that provides different IP-PBX capabilities and the first pio-
neer Asterisk VoIP server that provides Video conferencing capabilities.
•Developed the Charozt Asterisk Music-on-Hold tool for Ubuntu.
•Developed the Kahel OS Linux distribution, which comes in Server, Desktop
and Netbook editions.
07 2008
01 2009 Xackup, Inc. Python Developer/Backend Developer/System Administrator
•As a team-player which coordinated and worked with software developers,
quality-assurance, and interface designers for the delivery and implementation
of new features for iSyncd (now InsyncHQ.com).
•Supervised and roll-out new features which greatly enhance the usability and
functionality of the iSyncd Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Client software.
•Responsible for the initial drafting and development of an API for the iSyncd
backend to communicate to the client software.
•Utilized and roll-out modern web 2.0 architecture technologies like server-push
and Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) using Python which
made iSyncd (now InsyncHQ.com) to function even behind a firewall.
•Greatly improved the maintainability and readability of the code by keeping
everything simple and uncluttered as well as the removal of duplications.
•Document each new delivered features by providing good unit testing.
•Developed the Microsoft Windows client for iSyncd (now InsyncHQ.com) using
•Developed the modular cross-platform client APIs.
01 2006
07 2008 AMA Computer University Linux Developer/System Administrator
•Responsible for the development of AMA Desktop Linux operating system that
reduce the costs of software licenses of Microsoft Windows.
•As a team-player which coordinated and worked with project managers and
quality assurance team for the delivery of AMA Desktop Linux and AMA Migra-
tion Tool.
•AMA Desktop Linux was mentioned by ZDNet Asia.
•Developed the AMA Desktop Linux 2007
•Developed the AMA Migration Tool
01 2004
06 2004 Unilox Industrial Corporation Technical Consultant/PHP Developer/System Administrator
•Developed an ERP system (PHP) that greatly simplify the management of their
manufacturing & logistics processes into a simple and easy-to-use web-based
•As a team-player which coordinated and worked with project manager and
quality assurance team for the delivery of the ERP system.
•Migrated several old computers to Fedora Core 1.
•Responsible for daily IT operations from creation of backups, Linux server man-
agement, installation of devices and printers under Linux to Linux software sup-
•Trained their staff on how to use the ERP System as well as using the Linux
•Supervised and responsible for running of Windows based applications to
Linux OS using Wine.
2000–2005 AMA Computer College Makati City, Philippines
B.S. Computer Science
•Student Assistant IT/MIS Department, Linux Software Support and Net-
work Support (2002 2005)
•On-Job-Training 180 Hours, Linux Software Support and Deployment.
•Vice-President ite@ch student group. (2003 2004)
•Won 2nd place on Web Design Competition (2003)
•Full scholar student
2002–2005 Cisco Networking Academy Makati City, Philippines
•CCNA 1 Networking Basics
•CCNA 2 Routers and Routing Basics
•CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
2012-2013 CodeSchool.com Web-based Courses
Ruby on Rails
CodeSchool Public Profile (www.codeschool.com/users/joelbryan)
•Rails for Zombies 100% Completed Course
•Rails for Zombies 2 100% Completed Course
•Rails for Zombies Redux 100% Completed Course
•Rails Testing for Zombies 100% Completed Course
•Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws 100% Completed Course
•Ruby Bits 100% Completed Course
•Ruby Bits Part 2 100% Completed Course
August 2013 ThreatTrack Scrum Training Program ThreatTrack Security, Taguig City, Philippines
August 2013 ThreatTrack Defect Training Program ThreatTrack Security, Taguig City, Philippines
March 2013 Deep Learning - The Biggest Data Science Breakthrough of the Decade O’Reilly
November 2011CouchBase, Pariveda Solutions Dallas, TX, USA
October 2011 Cassandra NoSQL Database, Pariveda Solutions Dallas, TX, USA
December 2007Google for Educators (Google@School), Google.com, De La Salle University Malate,
Manila, PH
Nov 2005 Affordable Enterprise Database, O'Reilly Media, Novell, Dell and MySQL Web Seminar
Nov 2001 Linux Seminar, Philippine Computer Science Society, AMA Computer College Makati,
Manila, PH
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Jessie Mickle Project Manager at Getaroom.com Dallas, Texas, US
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Ben Poweski Chief Software Architect at Getaroom.com Dallas, Texas, US
Upon Request
Chris Griego Sr. Software Developer at Getaroom.com Dallas, Texas, US
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